If you’re toning up before your holidays or you just fancy an alternative workout then these sessions are perfect for you.

Our new INDOOR Boot Camp classes are designed to be constantly varied, challenging and effective, but in a fun and supportive environment.

Who is this suitable for?

All ages and abilities are welcome as the workout will always be scaled to suit your needs.

What type of activities are undertaken?

Workouts include cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, functional and stability training and utilise a wide variety of kit ranging from just your own body weight, to battle ropes, tractor tyres, kettlebells and more!

No two workouts are the same so you will never get bored but you ARE guaranteed a fantastic workout every time!

Plus, unlike going to the gym, you can even workout whilst the kids bounce! It’s the perfect solution for busy mums and dads out there who struggle to find the time to exercise.

When is it?

Saturdays at 10:30 am.

Where is it?

In our separate very large fitness space at the rear of our trampoline park.  So you are indoors and have access to toilets, cafe and seating area during your visit.

What is the cost?

Cost : £6.50 per session