At Skyline, we have two fully qualified rebound therapy instructors.

We use our floor level trampolines to promote therapeutic exercise in a safe environment which does not require special stairs or lifts to access.

When is this?

Mondays and Thursdays for half an hour or an hour session by appointment only.

How much is this?

A one to one Rebound Therapy session is £25 for half an hour and £35 for one hour.

What is Rebound Therapy?

Rebound Therapy is the phrase that describes the specific ‘Eddy Anderson model’ of trampoline therapy, an exercise therapy which uses trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across the whole spectrum of special needs.

It is more than special needs trampolining or disability trampolining; Rebound Therapy can provide a huge number of potential benefits including but not limited to; the development and improvement of exercise tolerance, stamina, balance and muscle tone.

How do I book?

To book a rebound therapy session or to find out how it can benefit you or someone you may know,  please give us a call on 01467 535013 or pop in and visit us.

Rebound Therapy cannot currently be booked online.